Car Mp3 player: New 1.8″ LCD Car MP4 Player with FM Transmitter 2GB

-100% brand new.

-1.8-inch CSTN screen display: Frequency display, Songs No, Songs Name & Songs lyric display, Volume -display, EQ mode display, player mode display, player path.

-Support MP3/MP4 & WMA format music.

-With SD card slot.

-Digital IR remote control.

-Support Flash Memory, now 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB available.

-With built-in stereo wireless transmitter, there are 206 frequency for your selection, rang from 87. 5MHz-108. 0MHz, 0. 1MHz

-Automatically playing function: play the music automatically when you insert the 12 Volt Adaptor End into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle or power port.

-7 kinds of EQ modes for your selection.

-Memorizing function /power on /off function.

-Seven play mode: Normal mode/single mode/Directory player/ Contents cycle/all cycle/rodam player/display player

-It can supply power and charge for MP3/MP4/CD/DVD player through power port.

-18 languages supported: Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean etc.

-The host and power port can be freely dismantled and easy to carry.

-Infrared remote control: digital selecting frequency, digital selecting song, adjust volume, select EQ modes, language modes, player modes. (AMV video frequency temporarily not support this function)

-Flexible joint. 12V ~ 24V Power supply, 2 GB MEMORY built-in

car MP3 Player

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